Landlord and Tenant

Managing landlord and tenant issues:

As an owner or an occupier of a commercial property you have certain contractual responsibilities. However, keeping up-to-date with current legislation and dealing with disputes and rent reviews can be costly and time-consuming without expert advice.

At McCaffery & Co, we have over 25 years experience specialising in landlord and tenant issues.

Lease renewals: we’ll help you get the best possible terms

Lease renewals can be complicated. Each lease is different and how much you pay or receive will depend on the length of the lease, the current market conditions, and the usual considerations of repairs and dilapidations.

As a landlord or a tenant of a commercial property, it’s important to consult an experienced surveyor some time before the lease is due for renewal. In Scotland there are specific timetables for serving Notice to Quit should either party not wish to renew the lease.

At McCaffery & Co, we are ideally placed to give you advice on lease renewal, whether you’re an owner or an occupier. We have extensive knowledge of the property market and commercial leases, so can vigorously negotiate on your behalf.

Third Party Referrals and Expert Witness

lthough lease renewals and rent reviews can cause disputes between landlords and tenants, with the former seeking the highest increase at rent review and the latter the lowest most disagreements are settled amicably through negotiation between the respective surveyors.

If an amicable agreement is not possible, the dispute will usually be referred to a third party independent surveyor, who will act either as an arbitrator or as an independent expert.

Where disputes occur we are very experienced in preparing expert witness reports to Arbitrators and Independent Experts.

In addition, Nick McCaffery is a long established and experienced Arbitrator and Independent Expert who is regularly appointed by the Chairman of the RICS to resolve a diverse range of rental disputes across the commercial property sector.


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